That's Good Parenting

How Jedlie Took His Books From the Stage to Page to Make "Real Magic"

February 13, 2023 Dori Durbin Season 1 Episode 6
That's Good Parenting
How Jedlie Took His Books From the Stage to Page to Make "Real Magic"
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Listen to today's episode, "How Jedlie Took His Books From the Stage to Page to Make "Real Magic” as Jed Doughtery a.k.a. "Jedlie" the host of the "Reading with Your Kids" podcast and Educational Magician shares how his time performing on stage led to his creation of his kids' book "Real Magic." In this episode hear:

* How his background led to writing
* How his stage experiences led to his book "muse"
* A reading of his book, "Real Magic"
* What he has learned in his own podcast
* How kids' books can create empathy
* 2 reasons experts should have their own kids' book

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More about Jedlie:
Jedlie is one of the nation’s most exciting school show performers. He uses positive reinforcement, storytelling, illusions, comedy, music and dance to motivate audiences to make healthy choices, build safe schools, stand up for one another and to be inclusive.

Jedlie left a successful career in social work to become a professional clown and magician. Since that time he has brought a magical message of caring and community to millions of hearts throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.
In 2017 Jedlie launched the Reading With Your Kids Podcast to help all families grow closer through reading. Since that time he has published over 1650 interviews with some of the top authors in Kidlit and has been nominated for the iHeartRadio Best Kids and Family Podcast Award.

One of his most memorable accomplishments was serving as the Producer, Screenwriter and Featured Performer in “MELTDOWN!!! (The Walls That Separate)”. This internationally acclaimed disabilities awareness video was cablecast nationally and seen in classrooms around the World.

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More about Dori Durbin:
Dori Durbin is a Christian wife, mom, author, illustrator, and a kids’ book coach who after experiencing a life-changing illness, quickly switched gears to follow her dream. She creates kids’ books to provide a fun and safe passageway for kids and parents to dig deeper and experience empowered lives. Dori also coaches non-fiction authors and aspiring authors to “kid-size” their content into informational and engaging kids’ books!

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Jedlie's Background
Stories from the Stage
Parenting and kids' book connection
The Muse Behind "Real Magic"
"Read Magic" Book Read
Jeds' "Reading With Your Kids" Podcast
The Value of Physical Books
Books Create Empathy in Kids
How We Can Use Books with Kids
2 Reasons Experts Should Have Their Own Kids' Books